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The migration of the monarch butterfly celebrates and teaches us how movement across the globe is essential to its survival. Likewise, human migration is a natural behavior and component of the life cycle. We have created the “Monarchildren” art exhibit to facilitate social, economic and political awareness in order to allowed human beings to migrate in a healthy ecosystem. 


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to Apr 21

Art, Love, Music

Sol y Luna art studio presents a visual interpretation of Art, Love and Music.

Various musicians and genres of music were included in this communal collaboration. It was important to bring forth multiple viewpoints, ideas and symbols. This show embraces a multicultural vision which spans various genres of music. Lila Downs, Prince, Brother Ali and Bob Dylan were just a few sources of inspiration. Many others are also on display.

The musician’s lyrics and sound were used as a backdrop to create images. Each artist applied their unique perspective to these interpretations.  These combinations were then used by the artist as motivation for their work.

You will hear music from each musician displayed. Enjoy the artwork while you read the lyrics and listen to music. Check out prints, t-shirts and paintings while surrounded by friends, art, music and love.


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Suenos y Pesadillas: Dreams and Nightmares

      I use painting as a visual process to journal my dreams. Dreams occur involuntarily in the mind and they are fleeting. As a result, I am driven to capture the fleeting images, ideas, emotions and sensations of dreams. Over the last 13 years of painting I have noticed recurring dreams with intense opposition. Many of my paintings explore motif such as identity, family, love and can interpreted as personal, reflective, and hopeful dreams. Nightmares on the other hand, have created paintings which convey a sense of despair, anger and chaos. The challenge of painting the juxtaposition of my dreams has help me develop a restorative and meditative insight about myself.

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